Announcing Pscale 360

Current Versions 2.3 Decimal Diameters and 2.0 Metric Diameters (05/29/2022)
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Since 1989, we have been providing Piano Technicians with Software to analyze Piano Wire String Scales. Starting with MSDOS (1989), porting to Windows 16 bit in 1996, providing a PscaleX 64 bit solution using DosBox in 2009 (which also provided Mac Intel computers access), we have finally re-written Pscale in Javascript and Html (starting in 2013) to run on all modern operating systems via an Internet Browser. That means: Windows, Macs, Android, iOS, Linux, Unix, and all others! An Internet Connection is Not Required other than downloading the software files.
Note: Tablets and Smartphones may, or may not, require running Pscale 360 from an internet URL.
Tablets and Smartphones may require a simple HTTP server helper App to run Pscale 360 "locally" on the device. Click this link for a "How To" with a helper APP.

Please Note: Pscale 360 will run on smartphones and tablets but it is not recommended because loading and saving files may require Select All, Copy, and Paste to load and save scale files. Laptops and Desktops are recommended because loading and saving files does not require Select All, Copy, and Paste. Actually, most modern tablets and smartphones now recognize the HTML 5 file Load and Save protocols so Copy and Paste are not needed.

More importantly, having mouse control with a Laptop or Desktop system is highly recommended as hovering over column headers and buttons provides tool tips which provide descriptions of the column heading or button function.

Pscale 360 Download menu also includes all previous versions of Pscale.  You can order Pscale360 here.

Pscale 360 also comes with a Metric Diameters version that has nearly all of the features of the Decimal Diameters version.

The current Pscale 360 manual can be reviewed here Getting started videos can be viewed here Some screeshots follow:

View List Of Sample Scales That Come With Pscale 360

Original Chickering 4' 11" Grand Piano

Original Chickering 4' 11" Grand Re-Scaled

Additional Graphs showing Speaking Length and Hitch Pin Layout

Speaking Length Optimization

A portion of the Data Grid Entry Screen

A Sample of a String Winder Report (5 Styles)

Paulello Wire Support

Scale Compare Original (blue) and Re-Scale (red)

Scale Compare - Speaking Lengths and Wire Diameters

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