Using Pscale 360 on Mobile Devices - Tablets / Smartphones

Running Pscale 360 on Android +-Versions 10 and Above (08/31/2023)

Running Pscale 360 on iOS +-Versions 11.5 and Above (08/31/2023)

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It is recommended that Pscale 360 be run on a laptop or desktop computer with mouse control as this enables the "tool tips" when hovering over column headings and buttons. This helps the user understand their functions. That being said, it can be helpful to run Pscale 360 on a tablet or smartphone when demonstrating to a client or colleague certain string scale anomalies or issues. We want Pscale 360 to run on absolutely everything as a matter of principle. This is important for us! But, Pscale 360 has escaped MS "Windows"!

It seems that later versions of Android (10+)  and iOS (11.5+) have some new limitations on their file systems sometimes refered to as "scoped storage"  for Android and "Restricted" storage on iOS. It turns out that these storage schemes do not allow running html and javascript (web pages) "locally" on devices. This is probably so as to not allow malicious Apps direct control of the file system or possibly another marketing scheme like requiring a 3rd party App for help in order to run web pages "locally". In our case, a 3rd party App is needed. We can see not allowing downloaded Apps complete access to the file system but not running html and javascript (plain text files) is just ridiculous. Many developers are complaining.

It appears that the only reliable way to do this is to add a simple 3rd party HTTP Server to "serve up" your "local" Pscale 360 html and javascript files. The are many available, but we have chosen a free App for Android and two inexpensive Apps for iOS.

However: if you have and Android device, you should first unzip Pscale 360 into a folder in internal or SD storage and test to see if it works without a 3rd party app. As mentioned, our older Samsung Android tablet runs Pscale 360 fine.

First Step regardless of platform:

The first step is to go to the Pscale 360 download page and download  the current (or to your Android internal or SD storage or the Files area of your iOS device. Then unzip the zip file. Our objective, by what ever means, is to get the unzipped pscale 360 files into a folder named pscale360 in our internal storage of the recently purchased $150.00 Lenovo tablet for testing. Or, in the Files area if our iOS device. Then, we deleted all pscale files from our download folder just to keep things simple and more organized.

Finally, it may take a little learning curve to navigate around to different folders When loading and saving scale files on hand held devices which we do not use often.

Testing Platform: Lenovo M9 Tablet Android V 12

Testing Platform: iPhone 6S iOS V 15.0.2

Android Setup for running Pscale 360 without an internet connection

Go to the Google Play store and Locate Simple HTTP Server by Phlox Development (Western Ukraine) and install it on you Android Tablet

As of this writing, 8/29/23, Simple HTTP Server (free) works with Chrome and Firefox. It appears to work even with WiFi and Cellular turned off on the tablet.

iOS Setup for running Pscale 360 without an internet connection

Go to the App store and locate Simple Server: HTTP Server 4+ by Bitsbaker LLC (South Korea) Cost 2.99
This App seems to require that WiFi be Turned On
Seems to only work with Safari.
Also see comments and the end of this "How To"

(Also see our 2nd option World Wide Web Server below)

As of this writing, 8/29/23, it seems that both of the apps below need either WiFi or Cell service enabled.

When you start  Simple HTTP Server (free) you will get this screen. This screen already has the pscale 360 folder listed as root folder but you will actually have select whatever is listed and then navigate and select your pscale 360 folder. (see next screen) When you start Simple Server: HTTP Server 4+ ($2.99) you will get this screen. You will first Select folder and navigate to your pscale360 folder and select it as the folder.
When you click the Root folder link, you then click the External folder option. Then you will Select the Pscale 360 folder.
Then you navigate to your unzipped pscale 360 folder and select USE THIS FOLDER

Note that the second to top line indicates we are on the Lenovo Tab M9 > pscale360 folder

Go ahead and turn on these switches.

You could leave Allow Delete off.

Then the app just requests that you allow HTTP Server access to files in pscale 360

Select ALLOW

Your iOS device should have your WiFi enabled.
You are then returned to this screen and the Root folder indicates pscale360 as a link so you could change to another folder if desired.

Then you select START

OK, now Start Server.
This is were we originally got stuck. Now what...

Well it turns out to be quite simple:

Minimize this screen

Open up your Chrome Browser and enter the following URL:

Bingo! you get a list of the files in the pscale360 folder and you merely select 360.html and you are up and running.

However, don't forget to re-open Simple HTTP Server and Select STOP when you are done using Pscale 360,

OK, at this point you can just select the Open in Safari option.
into Chrome
Let us just interrupt to say that under settings you should find the Simple Server App and enable WiFi or Cellular data as shown below.
The pscale360 folder list of files

Select 360.html

WiFi Enabled.
Pscale 360 running "locally" on your Android device without having to go to a web site on the internet.

The Choose File and Load buttons work the same as using a desktop or laptop.

The Save and Save 5 buttons work the same as using a desktop or laptop.

Don't forget to stop Simple HTTP Server when you are finished using Pscale 360

Back to Server is running...

OK, at this point you can just select the Open in Safari option.

Or, you could try opening Chrome or Firefox with the following URL:


Final Andriod comments:

As of this writing, 8/29/23, Simple HTTP Server (free) works with Chrome and Firefox. It appears to work even with WiFi and Cell turned off on the tablet.

If using Chrome with no wifi or cell, open Chrome and use the following URL: then select 360.html

If using Firefox with no wifi or cell, open Firefox and use the following URL:

We purchased the Plus Version simply to support the developer.

If you just open with Safari you get this page and can just select 360.html

Don't hit the Trash Can...

Then you have started Pscale 360

It works more or less the same as on a desktop and you select Choose File.

However, you may be asked where to find your file. In this case, select on my iPhone or iPad.
Then select you Pscale 360 folder.
Then select a scale file like abchaseo

(wish they would show extensions)

And, there it is to do whatever....

Can't do much on a phone other than to show a graph or fiddle...

Don't Forget to stop the server when Finished.

You may have to scroll down to see it.

Comments: This server seems to work with only Safari and seems to save scale files in  the iPhone Pages folder.
World Wide Web Server Free Trial - 9.99 for the Pro Version

We are fairly sure that WWW Server requires either WiFi or Cellular enabled but we think you may be able to use it once without either being enabled if you have the 9.99 paid version.

Still testing this...

Also see comments at the end of this "How To".

OK, we started with the Free Trial and the first thing you have to do is select your Pscale360 folder.

Select Open Website Folder.

When you select Open Website Folder you then find your pscale360 folder.
We have selected the Start option.

On the Trial Version it often says unable to start Server so click Start again.

At this point you can select the Browser option at the bottom to start Safari.

It also lists the Server URL:

http:// iphonetp.local.:8080
(iphonetp is the name of my phone)

which you can enter as a URL in Chrome. Firefox does not seem to work.

Chrome or Firefox may require:

http:// iphonetp.local.:8080/360.html

If you use the Safari option you get a list of your pscale360 folder files.

Select 360.html

And here we go....
Just a reminder, if the free version says your trial is over we are fairly sure that you can select Start a few times, selecting OK, and it will keep working.
We have paid the 9.99 for the App
Don't forget to Stop the App!
Comments: When using Safari, scale files seem to be saved in the iPhone Pages area. When using Chrome. scale files seem to be saved in Downloads.