For Windows 3.1, Win95, Win98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista32bit,  Win 7 32 bit, and MS-DOS
Pscale 360 for all platforms - Mac - Linux - Windows
(c) 1989 - 2013 Tremaine Parsons RPT
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Warning: 06/23/13 - Most systems now sold in stores are bundled with the 64 bit Versions of Windows 8 and previously Windows 7. Pscale and Ptools will NOT run on these systems unless you have Win 7 Professional and install XP Compatibility Mode which still might not work correctly. However, I do have a workable solution for Windows 64 bit systems called PscaleX Cross Platform environment but you should contact me before ordering. Note: I have also read that XP Compatibility Mode requires that your system processor supports "Virtualization" and you can download a small utility here to determine if yours does. I upgraded to Win 7 Professional on an inexpensive laptop with XP compatibility Mode and Pscale ran like crap. The easiest solution is PscaleX.

PSCALE is a computer program for IBM or compatible computer systems which will allow you to analyze and/or modify piano scales. Introduced in 1989, it has proven the test of time and will run on almost anything from an original IBM PC with 512K and 1 floppy drive to a Pentium PRO. PSCALE is shipped with both DOS and Windows versions and is a fast, full featured, and robust tool for scale design.

"I wanted to tell you that I think PSCALE is an excellent program and you may quote me on that" - James W. Coleman Sr. 2/94

"I use Tremaine's PSCALE program" - Dean Reyburn  11/96

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PSCALE FEATURES: (Downloads Below)

PSWIN.RTF (120K) MSWord/Wordpad Pscale Main Manual
28ANDUP.RTF MSWord/Wordpad - Addl. features in later versions
EMAIL.RTF (4K) MSWord/Wordpad Email scale files to other Pscale Users
PSCALEX.RTF (7K) MSWord/Wordpad PscaleX Cross Platform for Win 7, 8, and Mac
Install.html PscaleX Cross Platform for Mac 10.x Install Instructions
Pscale_User_Notes.html PscaleX Cross Platform for Mac 10.x Help File
Download Auto Scale Demo (DOS) (161K Self Extracting) ( Note: should be run in Full screen mode) - Will not work as is on Vista or Win 7 systems
Download Pscale DOS Manual (Ver 2.8 46k Self Extracting)

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