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Courtesy of Tremaine Parsons and Sierra Software Services
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The Thank you for your Pscale 360 order.

Please confirm that you have received this email and also read this entire email beyond the download link.

Please remember that your Credit Card Statement will indicate Sierra Software/PayPal for your purchase of Pscale and PayPal chargebacks are a 3 month hassle.

You may download Pscale 360 at the following link:
Username: ?????????
Password: ???????????

All previous versions of Pscale are also available in this download area. All Pscale 360 program and scale files are plain text files with the .html. .txt(scales), or .js extensions.

Please get comfortable loading and saving files before you start entering your data.

Pscale 360 is a different kind of program in that it is written in .html and javascript to run in an Internet Browser like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc. However, it is intended to run solely on your Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, or Smartphone without using the Internet other than downloading the program files to your computer during setup. Because of this, loading and saving scale files is a two step process for each. You select a file to load from your pscale360 folder and then click Load. This "uploads" your scale file into your browsers memory. After manipulation, you click Save to prepare your data in memory for a save and then click Save5 to actually save the file. This in effect actually "downloads" the data in your browser memory to be saved in your pscale360 folder. In your browser settings, find and check "Ask me where to save downloads". This will allow you to navigate to your pscale360 folder and save the scale.txt file in that folder. Otherwise, it will likely be saved in your downloads folder.

There is also a Pscale getting started videos at: While a bit redundant and done on the fly, these are recommended viewing for all new users.

Also, the Windows install file pscale360.exe contains a utility named nircmd.exe to create desktop icons and many anti virus programs reject this as the file name has been used by the bad guys. nircmd.exe within the Windows install file pscale360.exe is completely safe but if you have issues you can install the or file.

To manually start Pscale360 just find, and open, 360.html Or, if using the metric version 360m.html

Finally, on newer Browsers, you must allow PopUp Windows for the Pscale files as the program uses new windows for the the various printouts and Paulello data.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Tremaine Parsons RPT
Registered Piano Technician

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