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These links are for registered users of PSCALE, PTOOLS, and future programs developed by Tremaine Parsons & Sierra Software Services. They include information regarding lastest versions, anomalies, and downloads for maintenance upgrades.

Pscale Registered Users Page (Latest Versions 3.3 - 3.7)  new and improved update process !

Note: Legacy Ptools is still has limited support but has been replaced by Ptools Server

Ptools Registered Users Page (Latest Version 2.5)  new and improved update process !

Ptools Version 2.7 add ons some internet access maps and zip code add on tools

Ptools Version 2.8 Upgrade This is a major upgrade that includes 2.7 add ons, dedicated Service History file, and more.

Ptools Version 2.9 Upgrade This upgrade includes 2.7 and 2.8 as well as Export for USPS
Ptools 2.9 is required to export data for uploading to the new Ptools Server platform.

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