The Scale Collection
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These scales have been measured, recorded, and submitted by various Pscale users. They are, for the most part, "original factory scales". However, we do not always know that the strings we are measuring are, in fact, the original strings. While we can usually determine an original stringing there are situations where these issues can be incorrect. (strings that have been replaced using the original tuning pins in the block) Such practices will certainly affect a determination of an original scale and these issues should be kept in mind. In addition, some measurements (exposed cores) are often averaged and will affect the absolute outcome. Finally, these scales may be considered "original" with possible errors for whatever reasons.

I am including only "original as measured" scales at the present as I consider them the most interesting. It shows the current state of the piano scale and where improvements may be needed.

Baldwin 9' Concert Grand
Bluthner 5' 7" Grand
Chickering 5' 4" Grand
Chickering 5' 4" Reproducer Grand
Chickering 5' 5" Grand
Chickering 5' Grand
Chickering 6' 3" Grand
Chickering 4' 10" Grand
Erard Grand
Estey 5' 2" Grand
Estey 5' Grand
Estey Console
Hazelton Grand
Ivers & Pond 5' 4" Grand
Jewett 4' 10" Grand (Aolean)
Jesse French Console
Kimball 4' 10" Grand
Kimball Upright
Knabe 5' 1" Grand
Knabe 6' 4" Grand
Lester 5' 3" Grand
Ludwig 5' Grand
Mason & Hamlin 6' 4" AA Grand
Mason & Hamlin 5' Oddball Grand (double bent sides)
Mason & Hamlin 5' 8" A Grand
Richmond Upright
Story & Clark 5" 2" Grand
Steck 7' 4" Grand
Steinway Model D Grand (German)
Steinway Model B Grand
Steinway Model A Grand
Steinway Model O Grand
Steinway Model S Grand
Steinway Upright (Full size)
Steinway Upright Model X (Very old)
Stratford Upright Player
Vose 5' 7" Grand
Weber 5' Grand
Weber 5' 4" Grand
Willis Upright
Wurlitzer 4' 10" Grand

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