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The folling links are web pages with embedded Java Script Applets. Save this page and all of the pages listed below to your hard disk and you can run these applets off line by loading this page (free.htm) and selecting the disired choice listed below. In no event will Tremaine Parsons and/or Sierra Software Services be held liable with regard to the use, performance, or form of any of the web pages/programs listed below.

[ Basic Plain Wire Scale Calculator ]     [ Basic Bass String Scale Calculator ]
[ Instructions for Basic Scale Evaluations ]    [ Basic Tension / Inharmonicity Chart ]
[ Length Measurement Converter ]
[ Basic Touch Weight Calculator ]
[ Touch Weight Calculator Spreadsheet (88 notes)]
[ A Practical Method for Key Weigh-Off ]
New -
 [ Downbearing Calculator ] - New
New -
 [ Hammer Weight Calculator ] - New
New -
 [ The Basics of New Hammer Prep ] - New
New -
 [ Action Ratio Calculator ] - New
New - [ Chipper - Piano Chipping Utility ] - New
New - [ Interval Trainng Tools for Aural Tuning ] - New
New -
 [ Beats per Second Tool ] - New
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