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Computer Technology:

1985 -2013 Computer Consulting on the MS-DOS/Windows platform for the small business with particular attention to the fields of Piano Technology and the Internet.. Services provided include: Custom Software Development, Web Site Hosting, Design, and Implementation, Custom Batch Process Development, Utility Software Development, Software Installation and Hardware Configuration, Hardware Installation, Diagnostics, Repairs, and Training..

1996 - 2013 Web Site Development.and Strategic Product Marketing Issues

1995-2013 Licensed Sierra Software Services as a sole proprietorship of Tremaine Parsons in El Dorado County CA.

2000-2013 Small Business Web Site Services (sbwss.com): a division of Sierra Software Services

2001-2013 pbic.net / gtdivide.net 56K National Internet Dial-Up Services - a division of Sierra Software Services

Software Applications and Installations:

1998-2013 Web Site Design, Redesign, Maintenance, and Hosting for: anvilmag.com, wuhrmanncigars.com
bragdonent.com, equineperformanceproducts.com, angel-creations.com, deltahorsecare.com (ordersystem), 23s.com, sbwss.com, farrierscience.com and more

1998-2013 EASY GAGE RS232 Interface Software for Digital Gauges

1989-2013 PSCALE Program to Analyze and Modify Piano Scales for Piano Rebuilders. Based on Formulae of Dr. Albert Sanderson and Dave Roberts. 400+ User Installations

1993-2013 PTOOLS Piano Technicians Computer Toolbox. Client Management, Resources, Parts. etc. A Broad Collection of Productivity Tools for the Piano Technician. 200+ User Installations

1991-1992 NEEC PTG Regional Seminar Registration Tracking Program. 1 Installation Compiled Dbase.

1988-1999 Menu driven front end for handshaking with Greater Boston & Central Middlesex Multiple Listing Services mini/mainframes. 6 Installations. Complied Dbase, Procomm, and C

1986-1999 Property Listing Database: In-office database program to generate hi-light sheets for real estate company listings. 5 Installations. Compiled Dbase.

1987 - 1996 Town Mailing Generator for Real Estate Town Mailings. 2 Installations. Compiled Dbase

1989-19?? Sign-On Screen for Opt-Fast Nutritional Weight Loss System. (Go Oprah) Nationally Installed Base. Compiled C

1989-1996 Inventory Tracking Module. Printer's Repair, Maynard, MA. Compiled Dbase

1989-1998 File Processing Utility. National Foxhound Association. Compiled C

1985-1985 Client Tracking Program. First Computer Program. Compiled Dbase.

Piano Technology:

1974-2013 Owner and sole proprietor of piano tuning, restoration, sales, and service business. Extensive experience with tuning and repairs in the home as well as complete piano rebuilding in the shop including, but not limited to: soundboard restoration, soundboard installation (sub), pin block installation, restringing, complete action restoration, and refinishing.

1979 -2013 Craftsperson (RPT) member or The Piano Technicians Guild

2005-2010 Co-Registrar CA State Conference PTG  and WestPac I

1998-2006 Treasurer, Sacramento Valley Chapter of the PTG

1990-1992 Vice President, Boston Chapter of the PTG

1992-1992 President, Boston Chapter of the PTG

1973-1974 Graduated North Bennet St. School Dept. of Piano Technology. Instructors: Bill Garlick and David Betts

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